Apparel services and contract sewing for small and start-up companies by RHF Apparel.
Expertise spans any and all types of apparel & garment assembly.


Our experienced pattern developers can patiently help you create your first patterns.

We digitally enter a working pattern into our PAD system. This will produce an exact representation of your original pattern.  Working with your unique set of grade rules, we work from your original patterns to accurately grade to the sizes you require.

All steps of the pattern development and/or creation process will be subjected to your approval.

Using the approved, graded patterns, we will then lay markers based on your order fulfillment and fabric constraints. PAD markers will provide you with vital information for estimating fabric consumption and garment costs.

Once the markers have been approved, they may be plotted adding lot-specific information, providing you with additional control over your cutting.  Order as many or as few copies as you need.

All data is stored for future use and manipulation. Patterns may be adjusted upon your request, and once markers are made, they may be used forever.



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